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Dear Michael, Thank you SO much! The photos are absolutely gorgeous! Melanie and Greg are so lucky they had you to document this most special day for them. I have a feeling you'll be getting a LOT of orders. Thank you again, Karyn Hamilton

Marc Drucker, MS, CHCertified Hypnotherapist, CEOTranquil solutions hypnosiswww.TSHypnosis.comNovember 2007Dear Mike,Thank you for taking my photos and designing my attractive business cards. The business cards you designed completely epitomize my personal style as well as my professionalism. You have a unique way of capturing the essence of the qualities of mine that I want communicated to potential clients.The photography session was fun. I felt like a model and the quality of my appearance on my cards makes me look great! The pictures were so good that I use them on my website. I am getting a lot of complements on you work. My business is flourishing. I owe it all to your skills as a photographer, talent as an artist, and professionalism as a photographer.Thank you again Mike!Marc Drucker

Mike Steele did a wonderful job of shooting photos for my business and website. I do not like having my picture taken, nor do I like the way I look in photos and Mike made this a fun & easy experience. I felt completely comfortable, he knew just what to do to make me look good and I love the way the photos turned out. I highly recommend him!Sundi Bright Bright Future Enterprises

I hired Mike Steele for very important task. The first was to create a business photo presence for all of my print and web media. The second was a surprise Christmas gift for my boyfriend. Capturing the correct image for my business was crucial. Mike was relentless in obtaining the right smile, lighting and overall message. This took quite a while but he nailed it, Then, on the the other photo. As a dark skinned black woman, on a black background, wearing black this was virtually impossible. Mike Steele did it! The picture is amazing! My boyfriend was thrilled! What a Christmas Day. I would recommend Mike Steele for anyone with a discriminating eye. He won't stop until it is perfect! Angela Segalwww.AngeaSegal.COM

II asked Mike Steele for his assistance in order to update my photo on our firm website. I wanted it to look professional, yet also fresh and appealing rather than the usual, stuffy lawyer portraits. In less than an hour, he was able to produce several great photos with no need for any retouching. Mike has an eye for detail and a gift in visualizing and creating the perfect background, look and style for his clients. He's a great guy, too!Amy Menkes StoodySenior PartnerCertified Workers? Compensation SpecialistStoody, Mills, Lansford, Walker &

Mike, I am Angela Segal's boyfriend. First, I want to tell you how much I appriciate the quality of your work. The photos of Angela you took are excellent. Shooting Angela in a black dress on a black canvas is something most wouldn't even try, and friends don't believe it could come out so good! I checked out your site and yes, I would love to have you do our wedding, when the time comes. Could you email me some of the black canvas shots? I would really appriciate it. Looking forward to meeting you, Allen Cardoza

Message: Hi Mike, I could not believe how many pictures you took came out so sexy and beautiful!. And i thought I had nothing to give that day. The one's on the chair are Awsome! And the face pictures when wearing the pink are beautiful. I picked out about five of the pole pictures, they are also fantastic, And there are so many more. Thank you again for all you're time, I think you are a wonderful photographer, And can really capture the true beauty of someone. No matter whats going on in their lives. I will be spreading the word of you're work!!. Take Care, Nikkie

Dear MikeThank you for being at our wedding and for all the amazing photos. You and Bob did a great job.Thank you so much for getting us the horse and carrage. It was a huge hit and something we will always remember.Thanks for making our day so special and capturing it on film. Your the best!Melissa & Kevin

Mike Steele did an outstanding job as our wedding photographer. He took so many wonderful pictures that I can?t decide which ones to include in our album. Mike went above and beyond to capture every perfect moment during the entire ceremony and reception. Because of Mike?s creativity, we have so many wonderful pictures that really capture the essence of the evening and the love I feel for my husband, family and friends.Mike is very thorough and extremely creative. You can count on Mike to take traditional as well as candid pictures and to use his own unique techniques to turn photos into beautiful pieces of art. Mike and his other photographer took over 2,000 pictures which were immediately put on his website so that my family and friends could view and order the photos. He also selected pictures that he thought were the best and put them in their own folder for us. Mike?s intuition is dead on. The pictures he chose as his favorites were the exact ones I wanted. Mike Steele is reliable, imaginative and honest. I recommend Mike Steele for any event where exceptional photography is expected. Three of my girlfriends are getting married this year and since my wedding, they have reconsidered and are going to be using Mike?s services.Thank you Mike!Jennifer Drucker

You bet Mike! Happy to do that. By the way, that picture is killer man! WOW! My name is Mike Axe. I'm a Health and Fitness Coach and Personal Trainer & Fitness Model based in Huntington Beach, Ca. Two weeks out from the LA Body Building show, one of Mike's long-standing clientele recommended I contact Mike about having photos done for my fitness portfolio package. When I first met with Mike, he exuded a confident, but personable, friendly, and professional demeanor. I immediately felt at ease with Mike and we quickly established a working relationship that was open to understanding what we collectively wanted to accomplish with our sessions. I learned posing from three time Mr. Olympia, Frank Zane. One of my goals with our sessions was to achieve the same aesthetic beauty and artistic appearance with posing that Zane demonstrated effortlessly throughout his career in various classic muscle and fitness magazines and competition. Mike was able to help me to this end, and to further help me find my own style through his expertise and creativity as he viewed me posing through the lens. My other goal was to create a series of photos that would capture me in various environments performing athletic, and, or, adventurous shots, which could then be used for fitness modeling endeavors. I don't know of any other photographer that would go to the extremes that Mike did to capture the "right" shot. We climbed through rocks at the beach, worked our way through water channels, climbed cliffs, and ended the day hiking up to "the top of the World" in the Laguna hills to capture some shots in the caves on the cliffs. Mike must have taken over 800 pictures; they are surreal works of art and working with Mike was a fun and amazing experience. He truly is the "Extreme Photo Pro", and he has my highest recommendation to anyone regardless of their photography needs. Graciously ~ Mike Axe714-423-3568

Mike,YOU ARE A GENIUS!!! What a HUGE difference from the photographer we were forced to use for the school yearbook photo. Cody wore the exact same shirt as he did for the yearbook photographer, but your choice of dramatic background, lighting, posing and angles really brought forth both Cody's good looks and his personality! I am SO glad I decided to have you shoot his senior photo. I was really depressed at the thought of spending all that money on prints of the yearbook photo to send out with graduation announcements, as that photo is so cliché and uninspired. Now I can hardly WAIT to send these photos out! My only problem is that there are so many good shots to choose from - I don't know how I'll decide! THANKS AGAIN!! Can't wait to schedule a family photo with the dogs this fall! P.S. I always thought your session fee was very reasonable, but now that I see the result, I think it's very reasonable! Kelly Fry

Hi MikeWe love the pics! We looked through for ones that we wanted touched up and honestly, I can't think of one that I would change. We just wanted to thank you again for all your hard work. Maybe after you send the CD and we look at them closely, we will find a few that we can adjust. If you can send the CD before our honeymoon (May 20th) that would be great. Our parents are chomping at the bit.Many thanks,Cass